Kat Lee, RDI Program Certified Consultant



When you're not getting the feedback you need from your child, or when your child has difficulty making use of your feedback, it's natural to feel confused, discouraged or even hopeless. My role as an RDI Program Certified Consultant is to restore your hope by helping you see and learn things no one ever showed you before. For example: 

  • how to determine precisely where your child's relationship 'edge of competence' is,

  • how to walk along that 'edge,' to give and get the feedback you both need, and then to move to the next step together,

  • how to discover what kind of verbal and non-verbal communication will be most effective for your child,

  • how to restore and nurture the two-way 'feedback loop' between you and your child so you can have a truly reciprocal relationship.

For parents: the goal of the RDI® Program
is to empower you to be the parent
to your child you've always wanted to be:

  • no matter how old your child is–infant to adult,

  • no matter whether your child is verbal, hyper-verbal or non-verbal,

  • no matter when your child was diagnosed–early or late,

  • no matter whether your family is new to autism treatment, or whether you've "done it all,"

  • no matter what.

Today, you can begin again.

You can have an emotion-based, experience-sharing, reciprocal relationship with your child. 

For children with autism: the goal of the RDI® Program
is to help them reach their highest possible quality of life:

  • motivation for reciprocal communication

  • self-initiated experience-sharing

  • joint attention, coordination

  • "grey-area" thinking

  • observational learning

  • collaboration, problem solving

  • ... and more–

  • In short, all of the dynamic skills which are the foundation for genuine friendships, long-term relationships, independent living and meaningful work.

Please feel free to explore my site, note any questions you have, and then contact me to set up a (no-charge) meeting so I can answer your specific questions. I have over ten years' experience as an RDI Program Certified Consultant and work with local families in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, as well as international families. I am also a parent of a 21-year-old child with autism, so I know how overwhelming it can be in the beginning. I want to support you in making the best treatment choice for your own precious child.