Kat Lee, RDI Program Certified Consultant

How to Get Started

Am I the right Certified Consultant for you?

I feel so passionately about the importance of choosing the right consultant, I encourage parents to meet with other consultants and to take their time. It's so important to get the right match, to see real progress. [1:35]

The best way to tell if I might be the right match for your family, is for you to read through my site, and then if it feels right, to contact me to set up a free Consultation (see below) so we can have the opportunity to meet each other! Bring your list of questions and I will do my best to answer them. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can meet in person at my office or in another convenient location; otherwise we can meet over Skype, which I have also found to be very effective. 

This free initial appointment (for parents only) is generally around an hour, and in addition to answering your questions, will cover:

  • How the process works

  • Information about the Parent and Student Readiness goals

  • What the Online Parent Training System is, and how it will support our work together

  • What your first steps and assignments will be

  • When and how your child's Baseline Dynamic Assessment will be done

I want this to be a learning experience for you, and if you decide to move ahead with RDI, to know what you should expect from me. 

There is no pressure at this meeting. If you are not sure you want to go forward, you can take your time to make a decision. I highly advise you visit with more than one RDI Program Certified Consultant before you make a final decision. Here is the contact information for each of the consultants in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area:  

If you live outside the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, I also work with distance clients, but I would be glad to help you find an RDI® Program Certified Consultant closer to where you live, if you contact me.

The professionals I've had in my life through the journey with my son have made all the difference in our lives. My hope is that your RDI Consultant will do the same for you

My main goal at this stage, is to help you make the best choice for your own precious child, so you have the best "match," which is critical to see real progress. So please feel free to ask me any questions when we meet. You may want to bring a paper/ folder to take notes, but you are also welcome to video or audio record the meeting for later review. 

Is the RDI® Program the right program for your family?

I am happy to offer you a Free Initial Consultation (see below) so you can have all your questions answered. If you decide to move ahead after that, I offer two options:

Parents registered on the RDI Online Parent Training System, (OPTS), can also attend my "Coffee With Kat" webinars (or view my past webinars in the archives.)

Parents registered on the RDI Online Parent Training System, (OPTS), can also attend my "Coffee With Kat" webinars (or view my past webinars in the archives.)

1. Kat Lee Trial Program (One to Three Months) 

Try me out as your Consultant! I'll start by giving you your first, small, step-by-step assignments so you can have the actual experience of working with me: getting settled comfortably onto the RDI Online Parent Training System (OPTS), receiving assignments, turning them in, getting my feedback, asking questions, solving problems, etc. The length of your Trial Program will depend on the pace you set, but includes all the assignments (minimum 10) you would typically need to do before your child's initial Baseline Dynamic Assessment. (Cost: $50 per month for access to the OPTS. There is no charge for my services during the Trial Program period.)

2. One Month Self-Guided Exploration

If you want to start more slowly, I can help you get set up on the RDI® Online Parent Training System, (OPTS) where you will then have free access to explore the whole RDI® Family Consultation Program independently. You will be able to check out everything: all the RDI® Parent Levels and goals (including all the Guiding Goals), and all the Child goals, objectives, and potential assignments. You will also be able to review RDI audio and video clips (including expert knowledge about the RDI® core principles), attend live webinars, view archived webinars, plus see the online tools, discussion boards, etc. all with no pressure. (Cost: $50 for one month access to the OPTS.) 

Before we meet for your Free Initial Consultation:

please set aside an hour to write down all your questions and do the following so we can make the best use of our time together: 

1. Read these articles and watch the following videos from the RDIconnect® site:

2. Then, if you want to have a more thorough background before we meet, I suggest reading Dr. Gutstein's most recent book, The RDI Book, Forging New Pathways for Autism, Asperger's and PDD with the Relationship Development Intervention Program, which is available on Amazon, as an instant (Kindle) download.   

Contact me to set up your Free Initial Consultation.